Microsoft Excel Beginner & Intermediate Training with Projects - udemy course free

Microsoft Excel Beginner & Intermediate Training with Projects - udemy course
A Beginners & Intermediate tutorial to Using Microsoft Excel in the Actual World

Microsoft Excel is an brilliant application. Over the last 30 years, it's become the industry standard for organizing, analyzing, manipulating, & storing information in tabular form.

Why you need to Learn Excel?

Microsoft Excel is the world's most popular spreadsheet program.

Possibly you have a tiny business, & you require to learn Excel for tracking your sales. Possibly you require to work at a startup, consulting firm, or investment bank... Possibly you are a recent graduate apply for an analyst job at a Fortune 500,,,, Or possibly you are like me & you require to be able to do more in less time, perhaps receive a raise or job promotion.

Knowing how to make use of Excel to solve real-world issues can be an awesome tool to help differentiate you from the competition!

In this CourseWork:

Learning Excel takes time, in the event you try to do it without any structure!

In this work, we'll talk you through the basics from how to generate a spreadsheet, to how to sort & filter your information in tables, even generate charts & use awesome tools like Sparklines & Flash Fill!

In this training work, we have broken down Microsoft Excel into ten main sections:

  1. Getting Started with Excel 2013
  2. Entering Information
  3. Formulas & Functions
  4. Formatting & Presenting Information
  5. Database Features
  6. Using Tables
  7. Charts & Graphs
  8. Modifying & Adjusting Information
  9. Using Special View Features within Workbooks
  10. Managing Worksheets within a Workbook

About our approach:

In each section, they walk you through the core parts of the skills & techniques that you require to make use of Microsoft Excel in the real-world.

Each lesson will cover single topic, delivered in a short bite-sized video.

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