Rock Paper Scissors - Python Tutorial - udemy course

Rock Paper Scissors - Python Tutorial - udemy course
A deep guide in to making a Rock Paper Scissor program in Python.

Welcome to my 4-lecture coursework on how to generate a rock, paper, scissors program with Python.

Python is a command line based program which allows users to code in lots of ways allowing them to make advanced programs. I have been learning Python for several months now & enjoy using it to code some icy programs.

This coursework will take you through generating the program which includes features like:

Time Delay

The coursework will take you over 30 mins & will teach you much most aspects of the program. In the first lecture I show you the final result of what they will be making, this gives you an idea in the event you need to continue the coursework. In the next lectures 2-4 I design the program & in the last lecture I conclude the coursework.

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