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The Art of the PowerPoint Slide - Making Your Presentations Stand Out from the Rest
80% of PowerPoint presentations are poorly designed, messaged incorrectly, and provide no worth to their intended audience. The worst thing they can do is waste peoples times with boring presentations that provide no value. This coursework will prevent you from doing so.

Basically put, the best way to sell a product, impress a client, or advance in your career is to communicate your ideas in a more coherent manner that your competitors. And despite our advances in know-how, the basic Powerpoint presentation will be the best way to accomplish this.

Learn to Master The Art of the PowerPoint Slide

This coursework will cover the psychology of the powerpoint design---the tricks of the trade that will make your slides much more memorable. In the coursework, they discuss the following in detail

- Design
- Font
- Contrast
- Color
- Key takeaways
- Use of pics
- Simplicity
- Elegance
Make definite that your slides are tidy, presentable, and memorable

This class will teach you how to generate slides that will be recalled by your audience. It will apply psychology to slide design, ensuring what you present won't bore your audience.

As against other courses, this program won't point out what is wrong with slides. It will show you how to fix them and be definite they are right.

Coursework will start out with overall observations, explaining what issues industry leaders face with presentations.

I will then go in to detail on what right looks like, explaining the characteristic of a well designed slide. The lecture will show what 80% of people do wrong, and how your slides can be in the 20% that do right.

The bulk of this presentation will be on the Seven Sins of PowerPoint Slides, showing what the sizable majority of people are doing wrong, and how YOU can fix it in your own presentations.

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