The Beginner's Guide to Graphic Design - udemy course

The Beginner's Guide to Graphic Design - udemy course
Get a firm understanding of what great design looks like. Explore 76 samples of design from 9 different categories.

Who this is for:

This class is for individuals who know a small bit about graphic design but require to dive deeper. You can recognize a well designed poster or net site when you see it, but you require to know WHY.

Why did the poster designer select an illustration in lieu of a picture?

Why did the book cover designer use that picture?

Why the net designer do the site in that style?

What this udemy course covers:

I cover 9 graphic design specialties in this work. Logos, packaging, posters, book covers, motion graphics, sites, annual reports, environmental graphics, & article design.

In each section I'll speak about WHY the work is lovely, the thinking that went in to it, & any other anecdotes I may have about that field.

What you will accomplish:

When we're completed you will understand the method that goes in to making great graphic design. You will see that lovely graphic design is usually idea driven. & you'll have a lovely overview of 9 major specialities within graphic design.

Before you start any journey you ought to look at a map to see where you're going. If you are thinking about learning design, this is your map.

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