The Speed Reading Process: Expand Your Knowledge - udemy course

The Speed Reading Process: Expand Your Knowledge - udemy course
Tackle a immense amount of informative literature in no time! Become the professional in any topic & set yourself up for success

Imagine that you could read times as fast. How would your life look like? You would be able to read times more and become an professional in any domain. Another possibility would be to do other stuff with the time you gain on reading.

The nice news is that our brain is capable to read times as fast as they normally do. They only need the appropriate techniques. This work offers what you are looking for:

one) This work will take your current reading to a higher level. In the work of traditional reading, the normal way of reading, you experience several negative effects such as:

Vocalization: do you know the feeling of pronouncing every word in your head?
Mind-wandering: do you know the feeling of reading but not being attentive?
Leaping back: do you know the feeling of re-starting the reading of what you read
In this work they deal with all these negative effects so they can speed up our reading.

two) This work threats speed reading as a step by step method to collect and keep in mind knowledge. The power of the speed reading method in this work is that they go several times through the book. Repetition is the father of all knowledge. Here they focus on the actual speed that comes from repetition, not from the first reading. Step by step they will build on top of what they already know. This speed reading method is a speed learning method.

three) This work contains theoretical background knowledge and a immense amount of practical guidelines. All techniques are concrete, there is no room for misinterpretation. For each step in the speed reading method there is a wrap-up demonstration video that shows what you ought to do. You will get step by step instructions, there is no knowledge overload.

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