The Ultimate Crash Course on WordPress Website Design and Development - udemy course

The Ultimate Crash Course on WordPress Website Design and Development - udemy course
A fast-moving, in depth, video work that takes you from WordPress beginner to confident and productive in a few hours.

So if you are thinking of making a new net site, or changing your existing site, WordPress is an fabulous solution.

It is simple to make use of, but simultaneously hugely powerful and flexible - and it can be used to generate any kind of net site. Including:

  1. Company sites.
  2. Blogs.
  3. Online stores.
  4. Even discussion forums.

All right, so what exactly is WordPress?

Well, it is free-to-use application that lets you quickly and basically generate a great looking net site, with a ton of functionality. And, WordPress makes updating and maintaining that site brilliantly simple.

However, like any application, there is a learning curve involved. There is specific terminology to learn, and plenty of distinctive know-how necessary, to start getting comfortable and productive with WordPress.

And there is definitely tons of WordPress tutorials online. However, plenty of are obsolete, some go way more in depth than you need, and often with free tutorials they don't give you the entire picture.

So that is where this tutorial comes in!

It is right up to date with WordPress, and takes you from complete beginner to having your own net site, and knowing exactly how to manage that site. This coursework will help you:

  1. Claim your own address on the net.
  2. Install WordPress.
  3. Personalize WordPress so it looks exactly as you'd like it to.
  4. Add all the content you'd like to your site basically - pages, weblog posts, images, videos, audio...
  5. Basically maintain your site.

In fact, in case you follow along with this work, you could even have your own net site online in the next 24 hours.
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