Using a Photographic Light Meter - udemy free course

How to make use of your hand-held light meter in digital photography. Specifically created for beginners.

This work is designed for those photographers who have begun using a hand held light meter or who may not know what to do with their meters. or why they are important & useful tools for making images.

The light meter is a tool that measures the intensity of light, whether that light is being reflected from a subject (reflected light) or falling on the subject (ambient or "incident" light). The light meter is a device that helps a photographer generate more accuracy in exposures.

They take a close look at all the ways a light meter can help a photographer create a stronger understanding of the light, as well as learning how the different tonalities are expressed through a light meter.

Actual world examples & some simple & fun exercises will help the beginning light meter user create lovely habits, & stronger lighting.

From reflected light readings to "placing the exposure" for maximum artistic presentation to using the ambient dome for flash in studio, this work is a simple to follow discussion of meters.

NOTE: They do not discuss the operation of any specific (Brand) kind of meters. You will still be necessary to read your manual to find out how to set your specific meter up, & the specific ways it works. But all meters DO the basic same things, & that is what they discuss on this work.

They use video & a few PDF's to show how to make use of a light meter in both reflective & ambient modes. There's exercises to be done by the student that will help them learn their specific meter.

The work ought to be done in order, & there is over two hours of video content as well as PDF documents for your files.
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