WordPress for Beginners Master WordPress in No Time - udemy course

WordPress for Beginners Master WordPress in No Time - udemy course
A step by step WordPress training coursework to generate stunning WordPress sites without any coding or programming skills

WordPress Training: A Step by Step Coursework to Generate Professional Looking Net site

This coursework will teach you in simple steps to generate professional, mobile friendly and responsive net site. You do not must learn any programming or coding as the purpose WordPress is to take care of the technical stuff.

The coursework is great for beginners as well as those who require to create their WordPress skills professionally.

Simple Language Instructions

The lectures have been delivered in simple and plain English with maximum use of any technical words or jargon. This ensures that you learn what you require without going through unnecessary technical and difficult terminology.

Personalize Any WordPress Website

It is possible for you to to personalize any net site using WordPress themes without touching any code. One time you master the art of customization, you can alter the look and feel of any WordPress Site within a couple of minutes.

You will learn all this by fooling around with WordPress themes without to worry about the the theme development aspect.

Materials Included

Most content is delivered through videos. Wherever necessary, files, folders and PDFs documents have been added to make things simpler and more informative.

Generate WordPress Sites for Money

At the finish of the coursework it is possible for you to

  1. Generate net site for little business and other clients locally, nationally or even internationally.
  2. Purchase a hosting account, generate add on domains other features of Cpanel
  3. Install WordPress for your business or other clients for money
  4. Use themes to alter the look and feel of net site for your clients

Monetize Your Site

Apart from earning for generating sites for clients, you can also monetize your own sites. In this coursework, I generate an affiliate demo site prepared for monetizing with Adsense and other affiliate products.

What Will Your Learn at the Finish of the Coursework

  1. Discover a domain name.
  2. Register a domain name
  3. Buy a hosting account
  4. Using WordPress editor
  5. Generating your first post
  6. Generating your first page
  7. Difference between posts and pages
  8. Comments and general settings.
  9. Installing themes
  10. Plugins and WordPress
  11. Generating and customizing your homepage
  12. Adding a slider
  13. Making a free header
  14. Changing the colors
  15. And far more... This is the tip of the iceberg only.

In case you follow me over my shoulder, by the finish of the coursework you will have an online site that you will truly proud of....

udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/wordpress-create-professional-wordpress-websites-no-coding/