10 Ways to Improve Your Life RIGHT NOW - udemy course

10 Ways to Improve Your Life RIGHT NOW - udemy course
How to Reduce Stress, Increase Happiness, & Live with Purpose

In this coursework you will learn to:

Reduce Stress

Increase Happiness

Live with Purpose

Live with Meaning

Re-prioritize Your Life Around What Matters

Accomplish Your Dreams

Through my work as a master teacher, entrepreneur, traveler, & spiritual seeker I have gained lots of insights in to human nature. In this coursework they will learn proven psychological techniques & modes of thinking that are guaranteed to improve your life.

Drawing on the most effective teachings of philosophers, prophets, teachers, & leaders throughout history as well as my experience putting these ideas in to practice, they will explore & learn how to cease worrying, improve our effectiveness in whatever endeavor they select, & live with new meaning & love.

The things you will learn in this coursework work, it is as simple as that. In addition to my experience, & the words of the greatest teachers in history, they will also draw on modern research that points in the same direction as current & past teachers regarding how to live our lives, what is truly important, & why NOW is always the best time to take action irrespective of our current circumstances.

With a master's degree in teaching, minor degree in History, & a voracious reader who has consumed hundreds of books on history, philosophy, literature, & spirituality, I lay out for you the MOST IMPORTANT things that I have learned throughout my life as a seeker.

Lots of individuals who know me tell me that I am of the happiest people they know. In this coursework, I will tell you WHY.

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