Add Video-Audio To Kindle Books & Make Interactive Editions - Udemy #Kindle Course

Add Video-Audio To Kindle Books & Make Interactive Editions - Udemy Kindle Course
How To Quickly Add Video and Audio To Your Kindle Books To Generate Kindle Interactive Editions

Whats this work about?

Its about making Kindle Interactive Editions of Kindle books on the market on Amazon. Amazons official definition of a Kindle Interactive Edition are books with contextual multimedia, enhanced navigation and embedded apps (that varies by title) that are available on Fire tablets, 3rd generation onwards. Fundamentally, this means that in this work you will learn how to add video, audio and pop-up picture apps to your Kindle books.

How is this coursework structured?

This work includes both live action and screen capture video modules. It meant to be followed and implemented sequentially moving from the first through the last video in the work.

Why ought to you take this work?

The only reason to take this work is to learn how to add video and audio to your Kindle books to make them more engaging and fun. Additionally, multimedia enhanced books have a higher perceived value and therefore it is likely that the marketplace will pay more for the worth added.

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