Become a Master of Black & White Photography - udemy course coupon

Become a Master of Black & White Photography - udemy course coupon
Learn how to control your creative process & application to generate the best black & white images.

Great black & white photography is not accidental but the product of a expert craftsman. Basically desaturating your photograph in Photoshop won't give you the results you are after. You need to know how to properly convert your images to black & white & how to creatively change the picture to generate a true work of fine art. Now that the art form has evolved from film to digital files, how do you work as a contemporary black & white artist? How are you able to be positive you are generating the highest quality picture?

This coursework will walk you through the maze of knowledge you need to generate great work. You'll learn how to convert raw files to black & white with exact control & edit files with creative vision. You'll learn how to generate picture files that are professional quality & worthy of archival gallery prints.

You Will Learn & Master

Nailing the correct exposure for digital work
Converting raw images to black & white
Generating images with maximum tonal range
Preserving the subtlety & avoiding digital artifacts
Generating images that match your artistic vision
Prepare your files for print
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