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As you know, generating your product is only the first step to publishing. If nobody knows about your product, how are you going to sell it? We cannot tell you how many authors and publishers get so excited to release their product, but then...NOTHING. Some of the best products go unseen because the writer basically didn't have an audience to sell to.

If you are prepared to start 2016 selling a brand spanking new book or information product, this event is literally your ticket to fast track your success.

Fortunately, it doesn't must be this way and that is why it is a great thing you are here. Our line up of specialists have unlocked the secrets building an audience of individuals who will eagerly buy your products and cannot wait for you to release your next. And all 17 of our top specialists, us included, are going to share those secrets with you in this invitation-only 4-day event.

*Price will increase everyday, seats are limited

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