Best SEO (search engine optimization) Strategies For 2016 - udemy coupon 50% Off

Best SEO (search engine optimization) Strategies For 2016 - udemy OneBuck coupon
Best SEO (search engine optimization) training, marketing tips & strategy to reach thousands of people every day.

Learn the SEO strategies I used to reach over a million people by combining SEO with social media, publicity, & using savvy techniques to side-step competition & get plenty of traffic to my products!

This work is meant to make you strong at SEO marketing. In the work I share knowledge from my 10+ years of doing SEO for various sites, & helping plenty of entrepreneurs learn SEO.

Since I have been working with plenty of entrepreneurs, I have a deep understanding of the kinds of mistakes they usually make, & the misunderstandings & questions they usually have. In this work I address exactly those issues. And, I give plenty of insightful & effective "white hat" SEO strategies in order to make you a great SEO marketer.

The work is made up of over 30 video lectures, & ought to take hours to complete.

In addition to the work lectures, you get my help & advice! Students can start discussions & message me with private questions. I answer 99% of questions within 24 hours. I am liking helping students who take my courses & I look forward to helping you.

The work is structured in to parts. The first part of the work is meant to give you solid SEO fundamentals. The topics that are covered are the history of SEO, keyword research, jogging a blog, & related issues.

The second part of this SEO work covers further SEO topics like how to dominate the top-10 search results of Google with over listing, how to do SEO on other platforms to reach great scale, long tail vs. short tail keywords, Google penalties, & far more.

The third part of this SEO work focuses on how to do keyword research. I report what kinds of links are nice to get, & what kinds of links you ought to stay away from. I also report how to get links by getting press coverage for your business because that is the best of both worlds. Usually links from press mentions also bring you web-site traffic, & those links come from strong sites in terms of SEO.

I hope you enjoy the work, & find it helpful. I made it with the purpose of giving you practical & actionable knowledge to empower you to be an excellent SEO marketer.

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