Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator for Life Coaches - udemy course

Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator for Life Coaches - udemy course
Empower others to generate enlightened relationships by conducting group coaching through relationship workshops.

This program is ideal for coaches, counselors, facilitators or someone who need to give their clients the greatest gift of all loving, fulfilling, healthy relationships! Coach both singles and couples to generate enlightened relationships by offering life-changing relationship workshops.

Facilitating workshops is a great way to grow your business. People tend to buy products and service from practitioners and brands they know, like and trust. Build a relationship together with your future clients through offering workshops, which demonstrate your expertise and increase the worth you offer. And, you reach a greater number of people and can generate more revenue in a shorter time period!

The Relationship Workshop Facilitator Certification provides a blueprint for conducting relationship workshops. You will learn powerful tools and tips for workshop structure and facilitation. You will also get their Enlightened Relationship program, in its entirety, including the content, outlines and workbook material so that you can start facilitating workshops right away. The comprehensive workshop content covers all aspects vital to generating happy, fulfilling relationships, including: how to modify patterns, roles, and beliefs, communication strategies that work, the secret to speaking the languages of affection, the power of forgiveness, how to generate happiness, the importance of a relationship vision, and far more.

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