Copyright Easily Explained - udemy free course

Copyright Easily Explained - udemy course
Protect Your Images, Videos, Blogs & Online Content and AVOID COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT | Copyright Law 101

Whether you are an artist, author, photographer, or anyone else who creates works of arts to support yourself, you will need to protect your creative work in the kind of copyright protection.

Developing creative works represents an important investment of time, hard work, and other valuable resources. Taking steps to secure your work is an important aspect of defending your investment.

By the finish of this work, you will be well-equipped to make use of copyright protection for your benefit and to keep away from serious legal issues with copyright infringement. Everything you need to know about copyright is in this work so you don't must worry about missing anything.


The Net is rapid becoming a sanctuary of copyright abuse. The idea of freedom of information and the ease of posting, copying and distributing messages online has created a false impression that text and graphic posted online are except from copyright protection. However, this is not true.

Copyright law was established not to give the author the right to deny his or her work to other people, but in lieu to encourage its creation. Copyright is a delicate balance between the rights of the creator and the publics interest.

When it comes to pics, images, and content, when in doubt, assume its subject to copyright and dont use it without the appropriate permission.

There's plenty of free resources for images and videos, whether public domain, licensed creative commons or cheap stock images, that you can find as a resource in this work so you shouldn't require to make use of copyright-protected works for your weblog, net site, or video.

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