Create a PHP Contact Form in Bootstrap - udemy #php #Bootstrap Free

Create a PHP Contact Form in Bootstrap - udemy
Learn how to generate a fully functioning PHP Contact Form within Bootstrap...

Learn the basic ideas, tools, & functions that you will require to build fully functional Contact Form using PHP markup within bootstrap three or four!

You will work through these lectures & build a fully working contact form that you can apply to any net site through the use of HTML, CSS & PHP. Ideal for getting feedback, answering questions or even collecting emails for a mailing list.

Generate a working PHP form in the bootstrap three or four framework
Add success & error message to increase user experience
Add custom styles to your form by CSS

They will work our way through the whole process so you can basically add a contact form to your current bootstrap page, bootstrap net site or add contact forms to your bootstrap templates to increase conversions, & you will soon recognize that it is not actually as difficult as it may appear, & it will give you page a whole new feature.

This coursework will walk you through the whole process, from setting up your page, to applying the form through HTML, then applying what PHP you require to 'plug' the form in to your page. You will then add styles to the form through CSS so you can basically match it to any style of page you require to generate, or have already created.

You will code the whole form from start to finish, & get a solid understanding of how simple it is to build a contact form within the bootstrap framework & how to apply PHP markup so you will be receiving messages through your site in no time at all.
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