Create Real Change: Create a Quality Learning Experience - udemy free course

Create Real Change: Create a Quality Learning Experience - udemy free course
A simple Twelve step method for Generating Quality Courses, Workshops & Learning Experiences, that generate actual alter.

If you are confused or overwhelmed with the method of taking your content, ideas or expertise, & making a coursework, workshop or presentation out of them, this 12 Step Challenge will give you the Blueprint for getting started.

Based on the foundations of best practice teaching & learning, think about it an introduction to how to generate learning experiences that WORK - teaching & learning is not compiling a bunch of information & throwing at your clients, hoping they will get something out of it.

It is about leading them on a learning journey, tapping in to how they learn, & providing them a scaffolded, organised approach to your results based learning experience.

Be introduced to the 12 Steps within the four PILLARS of Generating Quality Learning Experiences; Connect, Generate, Communicate & Critique, with a short video for each of the 12 Steps, & the 12 Step Blueprint.

CONNECT: tap in to your learners & understand the issues they need solving, how they learn most effectively, & set up clear expectations around the learning experience from the beginning.

CREATE: define the outcomes that your learners will walk away with, scaffold the lessons & the content within them effectively so that you are taking them on an organised path to applying their new skills.

COMMUNICATE: learn the basics of how to structure your presentations, visual aids & hone your delivery techniques so that you are engaging inspiring & motivating your clients accomplish success in your field.

CRITIQUE: evaluating, reviewing & reflecting on how your coursework, workshop or presentation has performed, is paramount to continually improving your reputation, & the learning experiences you have on offer. Earn a reputation as a professional who cares about delivering high quality outcomes for your clients, & continually improving your content & services.

This 12 Step Challenge is the introduction to the full four PILLARS e-Course, which provides full templates, workbooks, demonstrations & examples of all the recommended activities in the Challenge, including a crash coursework in basic curriculum development & teacher training theories & methodologies.

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