Design Versioning - Version control for designers - udemy course coupon

Design Versioning - Version control for designers - udemy course coupon
Learn a new workflow to keep your Sketch and Photoshop designs versioned and backed up with the new git for designers

My name is Adria Jimenez and I am an engineer and designer passionated for know-how, design and great products with years of experience working in large and little projects.

In the coursework of last year I have tried different approaches to keep my designs (Sketch, Photoshop and pics) under control and backed up.

To start with, I had several requirements:

Keep design versions enabling me to return in time like I do in Mac Time Machine
Ability to modify any design at any time without loosing my earlier progress
Have backup of my designs
Make my designs shareable with my colleagues so they could collaborate with my ideas
Cheap or ideally free to make use of
Simple folder structure
Simple to make use of
Future proof
As you can see its something basic in case you are a freelancer or you work with a little team of people. I attempted several online services like Dropbox and some other offline inventions like having my complex set of folders, or multiple copies of files but at the finish nothing worked like I wanted or it created lots of overhead.

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