Dream Job Lifeline - Preview.. Get Known, Get Working - udemy course cupon

Dream Job Lifeline - Preview.. Get Known, Get Working - udemy course cupon
Land your dream job, Make a Career Change, Network, Grow Sales.How to Walk Through the Backdoor In to Your Dream Job.

Dream Job Life Preview

For 28 years, I have helped thousands of professionals from all levels make profitable career transitions & generate prosperous new businesses.

This Preview Coursework is actually a mini course which includes the first lectures of our full course and stands by itself, providing immense value.

Learn Rules you need to Start Breaking! Rules which were ingrained from Childhood Experience & how these rules have formed you and limit you in your connect-ability with others.

get laid off? Needing to return to work after years at home or dealing with a relatives situation? Need to start your own business but don't know where to start? Never waste the chance of a nice crisis! I will walk you through the Trough of Transition. The Trough of Transition is something all of us go through when change occurs whether it is a career or personal change understanding what is happening & how to get to the next step.

This Preview offers valuable knowledge to start you on your journey.

The principles taught in this coursework have been used for innovative job search, creative sales expansion, & inspired business development by hundreds of people.

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