Ecommerce MasterClass: Start Making Money With Shopify - udemy course

Ecommerce MasterClass: Start Making Money With Shopify - udemy course
Discover How An E commerce Newcomer Went From Zero To $300,000+ in 7 months. Learn how an e commerce beginner went from $0 to $300k in sales in under 7 months utilizing Shopify.

The training covers everything from A to Z exactly how to set up their own Shopify store niche choice, finding & sourcing products, fulfillment, etc. as well as the exact distinctive Facebook ads methods used to sell products, build highly-targeted custom audiences, build a buyers list, & grow their fan page. You won't find this ads method taught anywhere else!

Module one: Planning & Research

In this module, you will learn how to properly plan out your business before ever opening your store from niche choice, niche validation, selecting your store type, store branding, & more get this right, & you will be setting yourself up to win from the get-go

Module two: Store Set up

In this module, you will learn exactly how to set up your store when it comes to selecting your Shopify plan, configuring your payment preference, shipping, theme, domains, pages, products, collections, & all the tiny settings you will need to configure properly to make positive your store runs like a well-oiled machine.

Module three: Sourcing & Fulfillment

In this module, you'll discover the best ways to get & add products to your store & the best hacks & tricks I have discovered for making it drop-dead simple without costing you an arm & a leg. I will share with you exactly how I go about sourcing hot products for my store that sell like crazy.

Module four: Facebook Marketing

In module four, I will walk you through exactly how I run my traffic from Facebook including how to set up your fan page, the Facebook Business Manager, conversion tracking pixels, advertisement creatives and strategies, and my front-end advertisement strategy the simplicity of which you won't think.

Module five: Back-end Marketing

In this module, I will share with you simple, yet devastatingly effective strategies you can use for recapturing lost sales, retargeting visitors who didn't buy, and the automated electronic mail marketing sequences you can set and forget to boost your every month income as much as $3500 or more in additional revenue.

Module 6: Advanced Facebook Tracking

This is the stuff that NO ONE else is teaching. After this module, you might go strutting around calling yourself a Facebook Ads Professional because I'm going to arm you with everything you need to blast past your competition when it comes to Facebook ads. You will discover the Facebook Tremendous Pixel, how to sync your whole catalog with Facebook, and even how to run dynamic product ads for your store. This stuff is insane! (yet embarassingly simple one time you understand the way it all works).

Module 7: Day-to-Day Operations

Congratulations! You now have a flourishing e commerce business you can be proud of. No more long-winded explanations to your relatives and friends about what it is you do exactly. However, with this great priviledge comes a tiny responsibility. You need to understand how to run your business like an executive, how to make positive things continue to run smoothly, and how to look after your customers like a Fortune 500 company.

Module 8: Professional Interviews

In this module you will listen to from several other e commerce specialists as they reveal their insightful expertise and experiences in response to some direct, secret-forcing questions..

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