Facebook Marketing $10K in 30 days - Facebook Marketing Funnel - udemy course

Facebook Marketing $10K in 30 days - Facebook Marketing Funnel - udemy course
The #1 Facebook Promotion Funnel for Coaches Work. This promotion program for coaches sells elsewhere on the net for $5,000 to $15,000.

This work contains regular educational announcements with tips & you can connect with Dr. Karen Gurney for support.

The $10K in 30 days Facebook Promotion Funnel is a fix it & forget it automated promotion process that you can turn on & off. This will be fascinating to coaches that are sick of giving away their knowledge free with blogs & lead magnets in the hopes of building a list that will finally buy something.

This process gives coaches that have high ticket programs valued over $3,000, a machine to drive chilled leads to them even while they sleep & leads to five new clients within a month of implementation.

The promotion spend & revenue of six & seven figure coaches is often a mystery leaving coaches spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. That ends today.

This Facebook Promotion Work & Promotion Funnel for Coaches offers innovative promotion cost & income projection knowledge from the top web coaches.

In addition, plenty of courses miss the most crucial part of Facebook Promotion. You will get the secrets of a high-performing Facebook commercial & a $5 check promotion process that will get you on track to great sales overnight.

The work also includes templates for the commercial, web-site landing page, & webinar so you can plug-and-play immediately.

This Facebook Promotion work is a step by step guide that tells you exactly how to make an commercial, select your Facebook Audience, run cheap check promotion, & generate the remainder of the automated promotion funnel that bring pre qualified chilled leads straight to a consultation with you as quick as humanly feasible.

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