Financial Modeling - Applied Course in Excel - udemy course coupon

Financial Modeling - Applied Course in Excel - udemy course
Learn Financial Modeling in Excel from a professional research analyst.

What is Financial Modeling?
How to build a financial model in Excel?
What is EBITDA?
How to read the P&L?
How to calculate WACC, ROIC, equity risk premium?
How to make use of DCF?

Every student will get an Excel file with input knowledge for Sample Company valuation, which will include both historical financial accounts & operating knowledge for every business division (airline catering, events catering & RHL, or restaurants, lounges & hotel). The lecturer will first give detailed comments on the available historical knowledge & will show you how to make assumptions for reconstruction of the missing knowledge, necessary to start modelling of future financial items.

Business modelling will start with forecasting of P&L items for each of the divisions, which will then be combined in to the Sample Company P&L. Afterwards the lecturer will model Money Flow statement for the Sample & its Balance Sheet. All the forecasts are being built for the next 6 years.
One time you get all financials forecasted you move to the most fascinating part DCF (or Discounted Money Flows valuation) with deep plug in to the calculations of WACC & its parts (risk free rate, Beta & equity risk premium), Terminal Value & Discount Rate. You will learn how to apply logic to make the right assumptions as the final result of every financial modelling is a matter of assumptions used.

Special attention will be paid to the multiples-based analysis & sum of the part valuation.
You will notice how theory works in actual business with every figure of Excel model created in front of your eyes. This is a distinctive experience not to be missed.

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