Hit the ground running with AngularJS with Dion Yang - udemy course

Hit the ground running with AngularJS with Dion Yang - udemy course
No nonsense approach to learning how to build Angular Apps. In case you require to cut through the indirect shite and go head first in to building an AngularJS app then this work will take you there.

Hit the ground running with AngularJS is broken down in to 12 modules with each module ending with a actual world application exercise.

Preliminary App Skeleton

Be able to define a module, generate a basic app skeleton work with controllers and learn about controller scope


Be able to utilize built in Angular filters as well as generate custom filters, learn about ng-model, ng-repeat, ng-change as well


Generating custom directives, directive types, content transclusion, and passing custom attribute knowledge in to directives


Learning how to do routing, ng-view directive, the routeProvider service, route controllers and organizing your app for route views


Why services are important, debugging in general, controllers, and refactoring for service usage


Utilizing the http service to grab server side content, and error handling of failed http responses

I have dropped the funds in to learning angular through reading lots of crappy angularjs books and taking an excellent angularjs bootcamp and have had an angularjs mentor who is a google developer specialist, and also I have actual world experience of building AngularJS applications for huge corporations. So I created this work to share my knowledge of Angular and bridge the learning gap in as short time as feasible.

Benefits of this work

I have kept the fluff talk at a maximum in the videos, and have crafted some exericses that will get you to apply what I have covered within the videos. so in case you go through the work and complete the exercises you will notice tremendous growth in a short timeframe

after finishing the work it is possible for you to to generate a single page app with lovely folder and file organization as well as code organization.
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udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/hit-the-ground-running-with-angularjs-with-dion-yang/