How To Avoid Falling Prey to Manipulation: Psychology - udemy coupon

Understand the psychology of decision making and how your cognitive biases may lead you to lose in business and life

You will learn how to recognize and evade manipulative weapons of influence. They make about 35,000 decisions a day and use mental shortcuts (called "heuristics") to make them without much thought. But, there is a immense downside to these pre-programmed responses. They can be used by others to push our decisions in to their favor. Here are a quantity of these cognitive biases they will be learning about:

Shortage Bias - a false urgency is created to rush your decision
Liking Bias - the face you cannot forget
Authority Bias - listening to the man above (more experienced people influence us)
Consistency Bias - how your believes can be slowly and steadily changed
Think about how plenty of of the above biases have been present in your day to day life. Perhaps you cannot find plenty of examples. That is because they work "under the radar" and can often be overlooked when they reevaluate our decisions (this, incidentally, is another bias called denial where they would like to "forget" our mistakes).

In case you need to not make giant decisions in your life that you will regret, this coursework is for you. Keep in mind, think about what you might be missing in case you decline the offer to take this coursework. Next time you are in a negotiation, business deal, or a social event, you may make the wrong decision...

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