JSON For Beginners: A Very Basic Introduction - udemy free course

JSON For Beginners: A Very Basic Introduction - udemy
Learn the fundamentals of JSON and the way it generate it is own Objects and Arrays to display information

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is a popular and widely used information format. It is platform neutral which means it will work with any programming language and operating method. It is a light weight format with the ability to convert to native JavaScript objects.

JSON is a bit like XML but simpler and shorter to write. The syntax used is similar to that used by JavaScript . Knowing some JavaScript will be useful hence I have included some lectures like JavaScript variables, operators and functions. JSON can be parsed or interpreted using JavaScript functions so having a basic understanding of JavaScript functions will help when the functions are used to translate JSON.

This is a short video based work of less than 90 minutes long to introduce you to JSON and learn how to write and understand JSON syntax. JSON is not a programming language in its own right, it is more of a information format so understanding some JavaScript ideas will help you understand JSON. A basic knowledge of JavaScript is advised but I have included some useful JavaScript ideas like variables, functions and operators to guide you.
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