Learn Microsoft PowerPoint Step by Step - A complete course - Udemy Coupon

Learn Microsoft PowerPoint Step by Step - A complete course - Udemy Coupon
Course covers everything that students of PowerPoint need to generate an awesome Presentation

With the most recent version of Microsofts presentation application . Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Fundamentally this work generate for those individuals who don't know anything about PowerPoint. It is for beginners. In this work you will learn every basic things that you need. I will teach you everything step by step with simple methods. You can do over ever when it comes to generating expertly designed slideshows. In this PowerPoint Training: How to Use PowerPoint 2010. You will learn the most effective ways to generate polished presentations along with valuable shortcuts and tips for saving time.

Beginning with the basics, you'll discover how to work with the colorful new PowerPoint 2010 templates and to design your own backgrounds from scratch. Then you'll learn to add images, Animations ,Transitions ,formatting , opening and closing the program , font size , redo and undo and lots of more things . As you then learn to merge shapes, maximize and minimize the program , zoom in and zoom out . Finally, you will see how to take your presentations.

Don't let technical difficulties get in your way. Prepare for every meeting by learning to size presentations in standard and wide screen layouts.

From ten minute slideshows to lengthy presentations, this PowerPoint 2010 training work will give you the tools you need to share your story effectively.
Even if you've been making presentations for years, Your presentations will look better than ever!

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