Learn Web Scraping with Node.js - udemy coupon 100% Off

Learn Web Scraping with Node.js - udemy course
Use Request & Cheerio to scrape knowledge & display on a web page.

In this coursework you will learn how to scrape knowledge from web pages using the Request & Cheerio node modules.
We'll start with an overview of how Request works to download pages & pipe out knowledge.
Next, we'll look at the Cheerio & how they can use jQuery-like syntax to retrieve elements off a page.
Then we'll take what you have learned to generate two sample web apps to scrape & display knowledge first to our console then to a web page.

What You Will Learn:
- How to download web pages using Request.
- How to then grab elements from the page using Cheerio
- Display the knowledge on a web page. First, we'll use Express & Swig to display Indeed job search knowledge. Then we'll use Angular to show an picture & other details after a user inputs a URL.
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