Make Your Next Birthday One Worth Remembering - udemy course

Make Your Next Birthday One Worth Remembering - udemy course
How to plan an excellent year that kicks off with a memorable birthday.

Have your birthday's been disappointing historicallyin the past?

A number of the worst days of my life have happened on my birthday.

I have had people close to me forget it was my birthday - repeatedly;
I have had a series of bad experiences year after year where relatives didn't celebrate my birthday in ways that were enjoyable to me
I have felt a ton of disappointment & sadness on my birthday in lieu of feeling celebratory & happy
In case you have had less-than-happy birthdays historicallyin the past, I invite you to take this coursework & design the final birthday experience.

This coursework is not about designing a party.

It is about:

Designing a day that helps you feel the emotions you desire most
Spending your day doing things that bring you joy
Putting together a significant gift list
Celebrating your day & the year that follows with purpose
I use the free program Trello to teach this coursework & I show you the way you can generate a similar planning method by yourself.

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