Master After Effects CC 2015 Motion Graphics - Foundation - udemy Free course

Master After Effects CC 2015 Motion Graphics - Foundation - udemy course
Learn Text Animation and Motion Graphic in After Effects. A Complete After Effects Foundation Skills.

Adobe After Effects CC 2015 is the latest from Adobe.

This coursework is meant to keep away from the I show you the way it works style of courses and dives in to allowing you to acquire a more organized and useful understanding of most of After Effects transformations.

The actual way to learn a application is not to skim through its functions but to acquire a detailed understanding of everything that goes on. This is what this coursework is all about: It offers you a detailed explanation with demonstration and practical examples on how things work in After Effects.

Build a Strong Foundation in After Effects

In case you are keen to understand, practice and master detailed methods and work in to the inner specifications, attributes and parameters of what is explained then this coursework is for you.

The aim is for you to build a powerful base, a powerful foundation for the most important transformation and methods of After Effects.

It is possible for you to to generate animations with a total confidence and understanding of what you are doing.

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