Microsoft Word 2010 for Beginners - udemy course coupon

Microsoft Word 2010 for Beginners - udemy coupon
Microsoft Word 2010 for Beginners focuses on the essential features of the editor while avoiding the complexities

Do you use Microsoft Word every day of your life but never took the time to learn how to effectively and effectively use the tool?

Are you new to Microsoft Word and don't know where to start?

In the event you answered yes to either of these questions, then this is the work for you.

Learn to Use the Essential Features of Microsoft Word

This work focuses on all the features of Microsoft Word that are essential for writing fiction while ignoring the business and non-fiction authoring features. The result is a streamline fast-paced work that will have you up and walking in no time. In this work you'll learn:

Screen and menu layoutss
Typing assist
Basic editing
Saving and restoring work
Configuring Word
Using templates
Inserting lists, images, and tables
Formatting headers and footers
Tracking Changes
I even conclude the work with a glimpse at my personal Word surroundings.

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