Motivation, Memory & Metacognition for Children with LD - udemy course

Motivation, Memory & Metacognition for Children with LD - udemy course
How motivation, memory and metacognitive ability are often affected for kids with learning difficulties.

For kids with learning difficulties, challenges in learning occur not only from lesson content, but also from neurological and psychological brain immaturities and differences. As such, lots of of these kids have learning issues associated with what ReMinds terms the Triple M Challenges. That is, Motivation, Memory and Metacognitive Thinking. This program will portray and address these challenges.

Motivation underpins learning for all of us throughout out lives. However, for kids with learning difficulties, specific demotivators may affect learning psychologically even over neurologically if not handled appropriately.

In addition, teaching and instruction may be in vain if knowledge is forgotten often due to issues with short term, working and long term memory. Discover how this is related to issues of storage and retrieval.

Metacognition is essence relates to self awareness. This work will portray how delays in metacognitive thinking impact on learning and academic performance.

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