Perfect English Pronunciation Practice - udemy course coupon

Perfect English Pronunciation Practice - udemy course coupon
Make yourself better understood in English when you learn & practice how to pronounce 12 tricky English consonant sounds

Welcome to the Ideal English Pronunciation Practice Work. In this work, you will learn how to clearly pronounce 12 of the trickiest consonant sounds in English. Understanding & practicing these sounds will help you improve your English pronunciation & make yourself better understood.

Make Your English Pronunciation Sound More Clear & Natural.

Learn how to shape your mouth to pronounce these English sounds.
Recognize the difference between tricky sounds like L & R, Th & S, or F & P.
Get structured practice speaking these sounds.
Make yourself understood in English conversations
Gain confidence in your English pronunciation.
Improve Your English Pronunciation.

The consonant sounds in English are different from the consonant sounds in other languages. Perhaps your native language does not have the Ch sound as in chicken, or the Th sound as in thanks. Perhaps you have wondered how native English speakers move their mouth, lips, & tongue to make the sound of English. Well, you will learn all about how to correctly move your mouth to pronounce English which will lead to reducing your non-English accent.

For each of the consonant sounds, you will first learn how to shape your mouth. You will see a short video clip in the work of the lecture that demonstrates how to make the sound. Then, you will practice the basic sound itself, then words using the sound in various positions, & at last sentences that have words using those consonant sounds. Then there exercises contrasting of the sounds, like B & V or S & Sh.

In addition, in each section of the work, there's some practice exercises which are tales that have lots of the target words in them. Finally, to help you check your understanding & progress, each section has a listening quiz which is based on the consonants you studied.

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