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Photoshop: Learn Digital Art PRO Techniques - udemy course
Spontaneous Spirit of Digital Art - Photography Modification & Digital Painting.

I have designed the work to teach you how to make use of Photoshop as a gizmo to generate your own one-of-a-kind digital artwork. It is objective is to inspire your creative intuition.

I strongly encourage you to experiment along with your own ideas and to change techniques that you are going to learn to generate workflow that suits best your artistic needs.

In Sections 3-7 of the work I will walk you through all basic Photoshop tools that are useful while working on a digital artwork - you will have clear understanding of layers, layers blending modes, masks and adjustments.

By the finish of the 7th section you will feel confident with picture modification in Photoshop using various creative techniques. It is possible for you to to enhance the desired artistic effect by using the Modification Layers in flexible way.

In the Section 8 I will show you full creative process, clearly explaining step by step all the applied techniques. You will have lifetime access to complete set of high quality assets used to generate the digital artwork. The tutorial is meant to give you a comprehensive introduction to creative digital picture modification while following along with my process.

In this work I am going to share with you the techniques and tips I am using to generate my artistic prints. In the work of the few hours of my workflow you will get the skills that let you fully express your creativity.

Enrollment in this work includes access to hours of follow-along lectures where you will learn the most effective way: in practice.

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