Push Notifications with AngularJS and WordPress - udemy $10 Coupon

Push Notifications with AngularJS and WordPress - udemy course
Learn to send Push Notifications to Cordova/Ionic Apps on Android/iOS. Also send Push Notifications from WordPress Weblog.

This Push Notifications with AngularJS and WordPress  is all about Push Notifications. You will learn everything from the basics of Push Notifications to their implementation in an Ionic App that they built. You will also learn to implement Push Notifications in collaboration along with your WordPress Weblog which lets you automatically send push notifications to all of your users in go.

Here is what you can expect.

Learning Fundamentals of Push Notifications
Structure that a Push Notification follows
Method of Sending a Push with WordPress
Registering Apps with Google Cloud Messaging
Registering Users with the Weblog
Sending Push using Command Line
Sending automated Push Notifications from WordPress whenever a new post is published.

This is a comparatively tiny coursework which a sharp point of interest. It focuses only on Push Notifications and teaches you their implementation in Mobile Apps built with HTML, CSS and JS. Ionic Framework and Cordova are used in the coursework and AngularJS is the primary programming language used.

udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/push-notifications-with-angularjs-and-wordpress/?pmtag=OCTUDEMY19