Raspberry Pi meets Arduino - Udemy #RaspberryPi Course

Learn how Raspberry Pi can communicate with Arduino. Also included RFID using Arduino

This is an advanced level coursework on Arduino. This coursework is designed for advanced makers. We will help you to start with the basics of generating circuits with the Arduino & Arduino Mega prototyping board. They will show how a Raspberry Pi & Arduino can communicate with each other. By the finish of this coursework, you would have built Security Systems & Access Control with Arduino using Keypad 4x4 & an Worker entry method using Arduino & RFID sensor.

The prerequisite for this coursework is a basic understanding of electrical & electronic ideas & ability to download & install program on your computer. Along the way, you will learn about programming, sensors, & communications.

The coursework split in to parts:

Project one: In this project, they will teach you how to communicate a message from the Arduino to the Raspberry Pi & vice-versa using a USB serial cable.

Project two: In this project, they teach you how to build an worker entry method using Arduino & RFID sensor module. This project is designed to record the worker details, date & time in PLX-DAQ Spreadsheet to monitor the time & date of entry & exit.

Project three: This is a security related project. We will show you how to make a keypad combination lock. In the project, keypad security method & access control with Arduino can change the combination without reprogramming the Arduino.

If learning by making sounds like the way to go, then this coursework is for you!

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