Reprogram your Brain so your memories can't hurt you - udemy course

Reprogram your Brain so your memories can't hurt you - udemy course
TimeLine Transformation Clears Trauma, Painful Memories & Negative Emotions, Gently, in Minutes

What would your life be like in case you could return in time & alter your personal history to eradicate the suffering?

What would alter in your life if your memories could not hurt you any more?

TimeLine Transformation is a fast, simple reprogramming of the brain to remove trauma & sabotaging programs & patterns. Memories are retained, but they no longer have the power to hurt you. Negative behavior dissolves effortlessly usually in a single session.

Watch & DO the simple reprogramming techniques WITH these brave souls who had their TLTs videoed so that YOU could do the processes along with them & heal as well.

You will learn how to clear negative emotions, such as anger, with Kimberly as they dissolves years of anger at her relatives. - Rachila was going to come up next to clear deep sadness, but they didn't need to because they had followed the method while I worked with Kimberly so her grief was gone.

They cleared a rape trauma for Joni that had caused a lifetime of not trusting herself. After ten minutes her tears had turned to laughter & 'I got this!' - Sophia hadn't been raped, but as they did the method with us they cleared not trusting herself.

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