Speaking chinese like a native speaker in 4 hours - udemy free coupon

Speaking chinese like a native speaker in 4 hours - udemy course
Natural & Fascinating way to learn Chinese. This coursework follows the natural technique of learning a language, like how they learnt our brother language, which is different from the traditional way of language teaching.

They will play a dialogue spoken by to native speakers. Listen as much as feasible, like a tiny infant, emerse your brain in to the conversation, pay attention to the gestures & any other kind of visual content matches the sound you listen to & try to guess the meaning.

play the conversation as often as feasible, until you can understand the content & even able to foretell what the next word sounds like.

The video dialogue will be followed by an explanation lecture, with pin yin, & every detail from the video dialogue. You can listen, repeat, & try to imitate the pronounciation of a word using shadowing technique ( repeat right after you listen to a word or a sentence) you can record yourself & compare yourself with native speaker.

In the finish, there will be vocabulary extension PPT with sound track.

udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/secret-guide-of-learning-chinese-like-a-native-speaker/?couponCode=Free123