Start speaking German with the Present tense - udemy course

Start speaking German with the Present tense - udemy course
How to make use of all the regular, irregular and other crazy italian verbs - without going crazy..

You think that the Italian verbs are unpredictable, unlogical and ruleless? Not so speedy!

Take this coursework and learn everything you ever wanted (or didn`t need) to know about the Italian Verbs in the Present Tense - all the normal folks that you will get along with speedy, but also the reeeally special ones - the party people, the scientist, the punx and the sports.

I think that after getting to know all of them - you will notice that they are not so chaotic at all and that with the help of some pics and tales the verbs will make much more sense. It is possible for you to to keep in mind which group they belong to - without feeling like drowning in the quicksand of the crazy Italian language.

When you finally get how to build the present tense of the regular, irregular and other foolish verbs - put that knowledge in to practice! I prepared for you a list of 30 most useful verbs for beginners. In the event you learn these verbs - what they mean, how they behave and when to make use of them - your conversation skills will certainly flourish.

The examples in the videos are in Italian, but I added subtitles in English - so you can pick in the event you need to try to understand it by yourself or to receive a tiny help :) The subtitles could be a tiny bit bumpy in some places, it was my first time making subtitles, but I will try to fix the irregularities as soon as feasible :)

And don`t forget to take the quizzes and check the hints by the answers - keep in mind that practice is the only way to learn a language :)

After the coursework, in the event you still have any questions, comments, things that confuse you, something you need to speak about, or share your frustration about the Italian irregular verbs, feel free to drop me a note!

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