Strength Training for Ice Hockey - udemy course

Strength Training for Ice Hockey - udemy course
How to Gain Strength, Speed & Power to Dominate the Competition

Require "insider" access to off-ice training secrets of top junior, college & professional hockey players?

Do you struggle to gain strength & lean muscle, no matter how much you eat or how plenty of different training routines you try?
Do you lose puck battles along the boards & in the corners against bigger & stronger guys?
Do your legs feel "heavy" when playing back-to-back games?
Are you frustrated along with your lack of physical strength?
Do you have trouble maintaining with the pace as a game progresses?
Do you feel beat up & get injured on a regular basis?
Does Coach limit your ice time because you cannot produce on the ice?

In the event you answered "YES" to any or all of these questions, then this coursework is best for you. With my strength training program, you will have all the tools & knowledge you require to...

Add solid muscle all over your frame
Make mind-blowing strength gains
Improve overall athleticism
Feel more confident & powerful on the ice

This coursework will teach you basic off-ice training tools for developing unstoppable leg strength & power, adding solid muscle to your frame, building superhuman core strength - & most importantly, how to apply these methods in a training program that will boost your performance on the ice.

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