Underwater Photography For Beginners - udemy course

Underwater Photography For Beginners - udemy course
Discover the magic of underwater photography & start taking great images underwater with simple gear.

Learn the core skills you will need to take underwater pics that have vibrant colors & sharp focus.

Master an underwater photography process in this comprehensive coursework.

Discover the best gear
Master your camera settings
Protect your gear
Find your confidence in underwater photography
Professional tips & tricks to improve your photography today

Learning the foundations of underwater photography that puts a powerful & unique ability at your fingertips. Underwater photography brings the magic of the ocean to life in a powerful way.

Being a expert underwater photographer sets you apart from the pack. Books, publications, & exhibits are prime venues for a gifted underwater photographer

Content & Overview

Suitable for beginners & intermediate underwater photographers, in this coursework you'll learn the basics of underwater photography color correction. You'll build a powerful foundation as an underwater photographer that you can used around the globe while adventuring underwater.

Beginning with a practical application section of color correction, diving, wildlife, & safety checks you'll move to key theory lessons & some practical experiences from the field.
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