Use Periscope To Develop Your Brand As A Writer - udemy course coupon

Use Periscope To Develop Your Brand As A Writer - udemy course coupon
Learn how to make use of the Persicope app to build your brand as a writer.

You are a writer or blogger producing content on a every day basis.

Perhaps you write Kindle ebooks and put them up on the market.

Despite all the work you do things grow stale. Perhaps you are trying to expand your audience and this flattens out. You require to drive sales of books and ebooks up from what they are now. Or perhaps you require to get your message out beyond writing and words.

What you require is to identify your brand as a writer and get the message out. Knowing your brand may be simple. Who you are, your work and values could be seen in your writing and the work that you do. But how do you get that message out to other?

Ever think about the Periscope app?

Periscope is the smartphone app that lets someone livestream events happening now from their smartphone. It can be used anytime anywhere for letting others know what is going on. It may even be a personal branding machine and this work can show you how.

Section looks at the idea and importance of the brand.

Section looks at building and maintaining the brand.

Section introduces you to Periscope and its makes use of.

Section explores some best use practices and how to make use of periscope for business.

And section looks at how to make use of Periscope specifically for writers and authors.

Periscope can add a brand spanking new dimension for yourself and the work you do. It introduces you the person as well as the writer. This work can show you how to make use of the Periscope app with success.

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