Accounting Decoded - Turn Intimidation into Mastery - udemy course

Accounting Decoded - Turn Intimidation into Mastery - udemy course
Many people suffer from being intimidated by the subject of accounting. This can lead to several challenges, such as, a person could miss out on a promotional opportunity, or a person can choose not to start a business, or an entrepreneur can leave all the accounting to the accountant & not know when the accountant is robbing you blind. Through this coursework, you will unlock the mysteries of accounting so that you can get that promotion, open that business, & keep an eagle eye on your accountant!

You will learn through:

video & audio lectures,
practical exercises that you can practice over & over,
& you will learn through they eyes of a fictitious tiny business.
You will learn exactly what debits & credits do, you will learn to find errors at a high level (although you may still have an accountant fix the issue), & you will have the foundation to build further accounting knowledge that differentiates you from the crowd.

I have proven methods to help you learn this subject basically, all you need is the openness to think you can actually learn this important part of the business world.

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