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Basic SEO Guide For Google's Blogger | Blogspot & Be On The First Page of Google

Learn the Latest SEO Techniques & How to Apply Them to Google's Blogger From a Leading Specialist with Years of Actual World Hands On Experience in this widely acclaimed SEO training coursework.

Get Higher Rankings In Google & Increase Your Traffic!

Every time you search for something on Google you find sites near the top of the rankings run by little net site owners & people without huge SEO budgets.

I'll teach you the best way & simplest way to increase your rankings & maximize the SEO value of your content!

For most business owners or individuals who need to share their brilliant content, SEO is that thing you have heard about but have always thought it was beyond your grasp - an insurmountable mountain of technical challenges & net black magic.

This coursework will change that for you! I am going to share my years of practical hard earned experience & break down SEO in to something that you can put in to practice in minutes by yourself blogger site beginning right away!

While other forms of traffic like social media are great, Google is still the single largest referrer of traffic on the net. In case you need to gain new customers or share your message with a wider audience, you cannot basically ignore SEO.

But Google is constantly making changes & it is hard to keep up!

& that is thing I'll help solve for you. This coursework will be regularly updated as new Google algorithm changes occur or I unearth new strategies in my SEO business that can keep you ahead of the curve.

This coursework is backed by Udemy's 30 day guarantee & my personal promise that for only a little investment of your time, you'll be shocked at how simple it is to quickly improve your site's overall SEO posture & gain the favour of the search engine gods!

Who this coursework is not for:

I have learned over the years that trying to trick & manipulate Google is a fool's game. This is often known as Black Hat SEO & if that is what you are looking for, then this coursework is not for you.

You will learn best practice & safe ways to make your site & your content more pretty to Google through what is often known as White Hat SEO.

Also, if you are looking for some magic bullet to shoot you to the top of the search results, then I am afraid there is nothing for you here (or probably anywhere) that can help you.

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