Boost Your Creativity with a 5-Day Creativity Challenge - udemy coupon

Proven Creativity Practices from a 30 Years Artist Career.. They say: you require to stand out from the crowd, but how do you do that?

You require to be more original, more you, but where do you start?

You feel you are in a treadmill of things you require to do, & you don't have the time to give it some thought., but it does not feel nice, there has to be a better way

You are bored with all the things you are doing, but you don't know how to alter.

Do you have half an hour a day to start changing?

In this work I will show you how!

You learn by doing in this 5-day Creativity Challenge.

Learn what works from an artist with 35 years of experience, with examples what has worked in her career.

No theory, No explanations, No step-by-step program.

Each day has an issue to solve, there is the solution of the teacher, & there's inspirational videos to watch.

Issues can be solved by using program that you already know & have at your disposal: wordprocessing, painting, video, animation program, or can be done in online program.

challenges to make room for being more creative in your work, business or life.

It takes work, it asks you to step a tiny bit out of your normal ways & doings, it makes you give yourself presents. But is is not difficult.

Let this work surprise you about yourself, even in case you say: I do not have a creative bone in my body!

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