Build iOS Apps Using React Native - udemy coupon 100% Off

Leverage your existing JavaScript skills to basically build slick native iOS apps.

Have you ever tried writing Swift/Obj C code for building iOS application? Or Java for building Android application? Do you feel that its complex for you? If yes, then this coursework is for you. At finish of this coursework, you will fundamentally understand React native & its design principles.

In this coursework, they will learn the basics of React-Native thoroughly:

  1. What is React Native
  2. Why & Where its used?
  3. What is Virtual DOM?
  4. What is Prop/State, what is the difference between them.
  5. Use React Native Knowledge Store
  6. Use React Native to build actual world projects

As this coursework is focused on beginners, all ideas of React Native are taught at the essential level. As learning any framework comes through practicing this coursework gives the student a step by step instruction on how to build a actual world project in React Native! This incremental approach, will help the student in understanding the react native much better. All the examples that are shown in the coursework are put up on Github.
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