Changing Step: A Guide To Successful Military Transitions - udemy coupon

Changing Step: A Guide To Successful Military Transitions - udemy coupon
Everything You Need To Know for Making a Smooth Transition After Ending Your Military Service | Military Transitions

Terminating your Military Service and transitioning back in to Civilian life can be a challenging process - whether you served your country for year, or whether you done your full service.

Leaving the Military can be overwhelming and confusing. However, there's a series of steps that you can take to make your transition smoother and far more efficient. There's the steps that we'll be exploring throughout this coursework.

This coursework primarily focusses on the mental aspects of preparing for Civilian life to make fewer unnecessary mistakes, to prepare for the future and learn from someone who has already made a successful Military career transition.

While it only takes a year (or so) to leave the Military, it can often take a lifetime to get the Military out of ex-Military personnel - which can sometimes come at the cost of their relationships, their physical health, mental & emotional health and even on a financial level.

By the finish of the coursework you will:

Become aware of the main difficulties to expect when leaving the Military.
Understand the issues that plenty of face on terminating military service.
Have a stable framework for basing all future decisions on.
Understand the seven essential steps for effective Military transitions.
Be confident of your next steps to take in your new civilian life.
Have access to online peer support from the coursework instructor.
Whether you served in the Military for day or 22 years, this coursework will present you with a variety of practical life principles, keys and strategies for engaging more effectively in your new civilian life.

The coursework is partnered with a 100% Money back Guarantee within 30 days of purchase, and all coursework proceeds go directly towards Solid Grounds future efforts. Alternatively, the coursework is free to ALL ex-military personnel ( send me a direct message for a link)

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