Chartboost Course 2015 - Become a Top EPCM Publisher - udemy course coupon

Chartboost Course 2015 - Become a Top EPCM Publisher - udemy course coupon

A Complete Chartboost Review - two hours training to become Monetization Ninja : maximaze iOS & Google Play Apps Revenue

Hey, App developers!

Would you like to make funds with apps but is struggling & making only tiny number of downloads & low ECPM? I can help you increase your downloads & ECPM. Simultaneously, I can help you with Chartboost revenue & that is for definite!!! So, are you prepared to start making funds? No.. no.. I am not speaking about tiny funds, I am speaking about REAL funds, Life-style Changing Funds.

I have been a beginner in this business, like you. I took courses & learned by experience. This coursework summarizes my knowledge about Chartboost & more relevant knowledge. I'll share with you about app business in general.

Learn step by step how they make incredible ECPM's with our own apps, no bullshit!

REAL accounts
REAL time
REAL funds
- I will give you methods of monetization of the campaigns for advertisers & publishers.

- You will have access with our tools, increase your Chartboost CTR & ECPM & finally, your revenue

- You will learn the correct & most efficient way to speak to your developers, no time wasting & most importantly, you will know how to add your ads in the app

- You will learn advanced tactics about campaign filtering, marketing & publishing

- You will learn how to make use of CPC or CPI campaigns & even when not using Chartboost at all

I personally created this coursework. A actual man that makes a living doing this stuff... This is the coursework I have created for my clients, for the Indie developers & even for the large app companies who require to basically ways to make more funds.

I am definite you are thinking to yourself, Hey this man is a scammer, & only desires to take my money". Let me tell you thing: YOU DON'T HAVE ANY RISK!

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