Client Services From the Trenches - udemy course coupon

Client Services From the Trenches - udemy course coupon
Learn how to be a highly effective & successful client management professional

The first in what will be a series of in-depth lessons designed to bring the student actual world instruction on this most critical of business roles. From the Trenches is No-Nonsense, experiential training along with tips that can be utilized immediately.

Course Requirements

You ought to be working in Client Services or contemplating a career in Client Services

You work in business & meet with clients often

What will I get from this Coursework?

No Nonsense, Actual World, Experiential instruction that can be utilized & impact results immediately

An Understanding of what Client Services is.

Why it is critically important to a Company

An understanding of the internal & outside duties of a client services manager

A Review of how the coursework will work, & a preview of upcoming training modules

12 tips to immediately elevate your effectiveness as a Client Services Manager

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