Create a Logo For Your Startup or Blog - Udemy Coupon

Create a Logo For Your Startup or Blog - Udemy Course
Learn how to generate a logo with PowerPoint & PicMonkey

Require a logo for your startup or weblog, but cannot afford to hire a designer? Thats OK. You can learn how to generate a simple logo by yourself. I will show you how to do this in PowerPoint 2010 (or you can use a newer version) & using PicMonkey free version, in case you don't have access to PowerPoint. You can also mix both tools to get the best out of them.

In the beginning I will give you a small little bit of theory so that you know the way to generate your logo according to lovely logo design principles & then they will move to practice. I will show you lots of examples & techniques for generating your logo in PicMonkey & PowerPoint. & then you will learn how to check your logo to be sure that it will look lovely & will be readable on different color backgrounds & in different sizes. & in the bonus section, you will find out where you can get free images for your other design projects, how to add new fonts to your computer & other cheap logo creation options.

Don't be concerned in case you haven't studied in a design or art school, because with the tools available, ANYBODY can generate simple logos for their startup, weblog or web-site. & this is what you will learn in this work. As a result, it is possible for you to to generate your logo even in case you are trying for the first time.

Since I value your time, the lectures are as long as they require to be in order to show you practical information & tips. No empty talk.

In the case you don't find this work valuable, you can always receive a full refund within 30 days of purchase through Udemy.

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