Creating a Cross-Platform Quiz App using Unity and C# - Udemy Course

Creating a Cross-Platform Quiz App using Unity and C# - Udemy Course
App and program developers can use Unity to generate a quiz application with randomly generated questions from scratch

In this coursework, you will learn how to make any quiz application with randomly generated query from scratch with Unity 3d and C#.

They will generate a simple quiz app for babies to learn simple math. The example application will be built step-by-step, moving from the simplest viable version to more complex versions with more functionality and visual improvements. The ideas from this coursework can be used to generate your own more complex quiz-like application.

The material in this coursework is divided in to three Sections. Section one features a short introduction to the coursework.

In Section two, they will discuss the architecture that is common for all quiz-based applications. In this section they will generate the core of our example application. They will talk a lot about random generation, because in our math quiz all the questions and answers are generated randomly. By the finish of section two they will have a maximum viable quiz application that is suitable for a formal quiz.

In Section three they will add more interactivity to our quiz application. You will learn how to make important elements of quiz apps: progress bars, countdown timers, displaying visual feedback about players` answers, interpreting and showing the final results of the quiz. You will also learn how to add sound to your application. In the last Lecture of Section three I will show you the way you can basically personalize the visual appearance of your application in Unity without writing any additional code.

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